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Divorce settlement agreements

n overwhelming majority of divorce cases settle either in court or outside of court with a detailed divorce settlement agreement or stipulation of settlement outlining the terms of agreement of the couple in their case. Only experienced matrimonial divorce attorneys are able to define the major issues to be spelled out in a divorce settlement agreement and to advise the client what is best for them.

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Green card – Adjustment of Status

Green card is a special American identity card. It confirms that a person is not a US citizen, but has every right to be in the States, to live in this country and work.

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Family unification (parents, children, siblings)

Immigrants come to America, but often leave their hearts behind in their home countries  in the form of their children, parents, brothers and sisters and grandparents.  US immigration laws have set up a tier system for US citizens and US permanent residents bringing their families to US with immigrant visas and Shepelsky Law Group Immigration attorneys handle all aspects of family immigration.

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L-1 Work Visa

L-1 Visas are temporary nonimmigrant visas issued to managers or executive employees transferred internally inside their company from a foreign office to a U.S. parent, branch, subsidiary, or affiliate office of the company for business purposes. 

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A legal separation is first prepared as the parties contract/agreement, and then filed with the court. It is granted in the form of a court order or decree, and must be filed with the court to have legal effect and to be used later for a ‘divorce based on separation’ (one of the divorce grounds).

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Waivers of Denials

If you are an applicant for an Immigrant Visa (Fiancé Visa and all other Family Unification Visas) at a U.S. Consulate abroad or for Adjustment of Status to Green Card/Lawful Permanent Residence inside the United States, you may file the I-601 and I-912 Waiver Petitions of Inadmissibility to obtain relief from the following grounds

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