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GOOD immigration news: Biden gives citizenship to green cardholders. VAWA UPDATE!

Hi guys! I am attorney Marina Shepelsky. Today we gonna talk about some immigration news. I know this is not major news for you but I hope it’s the beginning of something great. The process of becoming a US citizen is called the naturalization process. I am discussing this immigration news from USCIS Interagency Strategy […]

Immigration news: Supreme Court rules some immigrants facing deportation can be held without bail

This is some news update for immigrants that are facing hard time. I don’t see this news being discussed much so I decided to highlight this information. This is the case itself Johnson v. Guzman Chavez Shepelsky Law Group Immigration Lawyers Tel: (718) 769-6352 NO LEGAL ADVICE IS OFFERED IN THIS VIDEO OR IN THE […]

How lawyers get paid? Immigration lawyer answers most googled questions about attorneys

Hi guys! This is another fun video about lawyers. Most people are here for immigration news and updates. Don’t worry! I am not changing the main theme of my youtube channel. But the news feed was kinda dry lately and I decided to do this instead. So my team has found nine some popular questions […]

DACA 2021 UPDATE. They should fix the backlog immediately!

Hi guys! This is immigration attorney Marina Shepelsky. I am really sorry if you clicked this video in the hope of good news. This time this is not it. DACA – Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals And I felt like I should, first of all, give you some updates. We have DACA cases in our […]

Immigration news: Expedite your process with USCIS. News for U Visa holders

Hi guys! Some news updates from last week. Today I want to discuss USCIS update from 14th of June, 2021. For U visa holders there is BIG NEWS! If you are waiting for a U visa you can now get a work permit due to the long waiting time. Also in this video, I am […]

5 things I hate about being a lawyer | What they don’t tell you about becoming a lawyer

Hi guys! I am Marina Shepelsky. A lawyer, a mom of three, and an immigrant. A couple of days back I was complaining to my friend about how I got too emotional about another domestic violence case. I said that there are some things about being a lawyer which I really dislike. And my friend […]

USCIS just announced 5 changes they are making. Unexpectedly good immigration news!

Hi guys! Happy to share with you some good immigration news. I opened USCIS to check and saw this document announcing these improvements. Plus some extra stuff I am talking about in this video. I was kinda busy and overwhelmed with work today but couldn’t help but stop for a sec and record this video. […]

Immigration News: USCIS backlog update, no more biometrics, chance to close your deportation case

As an immigration lawyer, I have to keep a close eye on politics. Today, we discuss immigration news updates for 2021. Some latest immigration news caught my eye. Everything you need to know about immigration news in here, one video. I covered all changes that happened with USCIS, processing time, new countries on the list, […]

Immigrant men in abusive relationships: watch this about VAWA green cards

Not everybody knows but VAWA protects men, too. Unfortunately, home abuse and domestic violence are not rare and men become a target almost as often as women. Especially immigrant men. That is sad statistics. But they often are afraid of going to the police because they feel like the police won’t be on their side. […]

American lawyer reacts to LEGALLY BLONDE! Let”s get real!

Hi guys! Today we are doing something fun. We gonna watch Legally Blonde together. It is a famous movie about a law student who gets into Harvard to get back with her boyfriend. I am a real lawyer and I went to law school around that time the movie came out. It was really fun […]

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