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The Biden administration has proposed a federal regulation to be published August 20, 2021 that would overhaul the asylum system in an attempt to settle asylum claims faster and help improve  the immigration court backlog. DHS and Dept of Justice announced that they will be publishing the new federal regulation and invite public comment by […]

New budget includes plan for pathway to citizenship, green cards and amnesty

Hi guys! I am so happy to finally deliver you great immigration news. This is a very new and hot topic and I know that things are not set in stone BUT! Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution package instructs lawmakers to chart a pathway to citizenship for millions of people while investing in border security. […]


Senate Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution package instructs lawmakers to chart a pathway to citizenship (Amnesty) for millions of people while investing in border security. The bill text unveiled Monday 08/11/21 includes some $105 billion for the Senate Judiciary Committee to spend on the Amnesty. The package does not specify how many people or which […]

Immigration tips US. How to check the status of your delayed immigration case. USCIS case inquiry

Hi guys! You keep on asking where you can find the status of your case? When it’s time to get a lawyer? When you should get worried if there is no news on your case? Things are really slow with USCIS and other immigration services. So this is really important. You should check frequently cause […]

Quick analysis of Biden’s blueprint. Are there signs of amnesty?

Hi guys! There is a hot piece of immigration news lately. I know I’m a little late with my comments but it’s quite big news among immigration lawyers and we are still discussing it.  IN THIS VIDEO 00:00 I am an immigration lawyer 01:09 New Biden’s plan for immigration 03:44 Border issue 05:30 Asylum issue  […]

BREAKING NEWS: USCIS expands US citizenship for children born abroad

USCIS expands citizenship for children born abroad in win for same-sex couples and also couples who have kids through surrogate mothers outside the US. According to a U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) policy change, babies born overseas to married couples that include a U.S. citizen will no longer be required to have a biological […]

Green card marriage interview consultation with a lawyer – Prepare for your interview with USCIS

Hi guys! We recorded this consultation for a green card marriage interview with a REAL couple in the pre-pandemic times. We were waiting for them to get their documents till now, but you know how slow things are now. So frustrating, ugh! So we decided to release this real-time consultation before it gets outdated. This […]

US Citizenship without Test with Disability Waiver. Immigration tips from a lawyer

To pass the US citizenship test one should speak basic English. It’s really not hard to learn but there are still cases when person is too old for that or has some other challenges. Then you need to get a disability waiver. Shepelsky Law Group Tel: (718) 769-6352 NO LEGAL ADVICE IS OFFERED IN […]

IMMIGRATION LAWYER Q&A: VAWA Cases, USCIS delays, chances of getting to the US after deportation

Hi guys! You often ask questions in the comments sections and I answer them briefly when I have time. I really enjoy this kind of communication, but below are what you need to consider when asking and getting or not getting a response: – This is not a legal advice, everything posted is for informational […]

DACA NEWS. What should DACA recipients do now? Is there hope after U.S. judge rules program illegal

Hi guys! This is an immigration lawyer from New York Marina Shepelsky. U.S. judge ruled DACA program illegal recently and I want to talk about that. In this video, I explain why that happened and what we can do about it.  #DACA  #Biden #Immigrants  IN THIS VIDEO 00:00 DACA news 00:33 How to get a […]

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