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US Immigration news. Pathway to citizenship. Budget reconciliation bill

Hi guys! We finally have some updates on the much-discussed budget bill. Now seems like more professionals are voting for a pathway to citizenship to legalize undocumented immigrants.  In this video, I talk about that and how amnesty can actually benefit our economy in general.  Shepelsky Law Group Immigration Lawyers Tel: (718) 769-6352 NO LEGAL […]

IMMIGRATION LAWYER answers your questions on deportation, green card through marriage and VAWA

Hi guys! Previous Q&A got a good response some I am planning on doing them frequently. Ask immigration lawyer your question in the comment section below.  00:00 Q&A with an immigration lawyer 02:30 Not enough evidence of marriage for VAWA 04:30 A very complicated case 08:45 Green card through marriage, that is falling apart 10:51 […]

Immigration news. 24-month EXTENSION ON GREEN CARD

Immigration news update! People who file I751 Petitions to remove conditions on two-year green cards and receive 10-year green cards will now have a 24-month extension of their status given automatically when filing the I 751 petition.  This is to give extra time because of the long waiting times for I-751 processing. When somebody got […]

NEW US VISAS order explained by lawyer. Who will receive their documents first?

This news got a lot of attention so I decided to make an explanatory video once more. Immigrant Visas will now be scheduled at US Embassies using a 4-tier sorting approach. Tier One:  Immediate relative intercountry adoption visas, age-out cases (cases where the applicant will soon no longer qualify due to their age), certain Special […]

US VISAS update. State releases new order for American embassies worldwide

Emergency news! Department of State releases an and explanation update on how they will begin scheduling all pending interview cases for immigrant visas in embassies across the world Shepelsky Law Group Immigration Lawyers Tel: (718) 769-6352 NO LEGAL ADVICE IS OFFERED IN THIS VIDEO OR IN THE COMMENTS. PAID CONSULTATIONS WITH OUR TEAM, $220 PER […]

Advance parole 2021. How to travel outside US while you are waiting for the GREEN CARD?

Hi guys! Today I am answering a very popular question. How you can travel outside the United States on an Advance Parole? How to get the Advance parole and under which circumstances you should avoid traveling? IN THIS VIDEO 00:00 Advance Parole is your magic ticket  00:50 What is Advance Parole?  01:36 How to file […]

Immigration advice USA. TOP 6 mistakes that will cost you your green card!

Hi guys! Today I want to talk about mistakes that people are constantly making that cost them their green cards and American citizenship. Please don’t do this if you want to get and keep your green card! 00:00 Common mistakes while applying and getting a GREEN CARD 01:34 Stupid social media 04:13 Hiding arrests or […]

Immigration news: update on asylum policies, green card application USA

Hi guys! This video came out a little late but I think this is important news and I want to share. Here we are talking about immigration news. Stay tuned for more immigration news!  Feel free to contact us! Shepelsky Law Group Immigration Lawyers Tel: (718) 769-6352 NO LEGAL ADVICE IS OFFERED IN THIS VIDEO […]

VAWA for MEN: How to get your 10 year green card if you are in abusive marriage with a US citizen?

I don’t like to discuss my client’s immigration cases publicly but my team insists I should do that from time to time to inspire other people, especially victims of domestic abuse. So I changed some minor details and I am telling you a true male VAWA story here. VAWA is a Violence Against Women Act […]


The Biden administration has proposed a federal regulation to be published August 20, 2021 that would overhaul the asylum system in an attempt to settle asylum claims faster and help improve  the immigration court backlog. DHS and Dept of Justice announced that they will be publishing the new federal regulation and invite public comment by […]

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