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Immigration News with Marina Shepelsky January 7, 2022

IMMIGRATION NEWS LIVE Fridays with NY Immigration Attorney Marina Shepelsky of Shepelsky Law Group, practicing immigration law in all 50 states.

What are the chances of BBB Act actually passing, and passing with Immigration Reform included in it?

Nonimmigrant fees will increase in March 2022 for B1 Visitor Visas, F1 Student Visas, J-1 Visas, H, P, O and R visas, and much more.

USCIS releases a report of their “accomplishments” in 2021 revealing they failed to issue 230,000 green cards in 2021, backlogs tripled, and that of all immigration cases filed – they approved 69%.

All this and more in a live stream with NY Immigration Attorney Marina Shepelsky, Esq.

Q&A at the end so you can ask your burning immigration case questions – anything from family petitions to Immigration Court and deportation — easily digestible legal information.

Marina will break down complex immigration legal issues and explain in simple words! Prepare to love it!