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Immigration & Visas

Asylum, family petitions, fiance and work visas, deportation cases and more

Divorce and Family Law

We make divorce easy and drama-free. Let us help you through this!

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We fight for immmigrants and we win

Two of Shepelsky Law Group’s attorneys are first-generation immigrants, who made it from nothing and now help others live the American dream. We take pride in helping our clients from all over the world get visas, legal status, green cards and ultimately US citizenship.

We fight for immigrants’  rights, and we win. We were there ourselves and feel your pain. We always treat immigrants with respect and attention they deserve.

I know the fear of being a new immigrant in America when you don’t know the culture, language nor laws and don’t know never your next meal is coming from. This is why Immigration Law is my passion and so close to my near. Where your next meal. So close to my heart. To help other people make it easier.

Marina Shepelsky

Managing attorney

Family Law and Divorce (New York and New Jersey)

Drama-free legal help when your family is in distress

Divorces are tough. We know how overwhelming it is. And we are there for you to help you put this behind you. Marina Shepelsky is a mother of three kids and has gone through a divorce herself, so she knows what you are going through. Shepelsky Law Group handles complex family law issues ( including divorce, child support, child custody, visitation rights, dividing property, and spousal support) with compassion.  We are tenacious and attentive when it comes to hearing your needs and fighting for you.  We put first the best interests of our clients and their children.

If you are currently undergoing a divorce or simply considering it, come to us to talk about  child support,  property, spousal support and alimony. If there’s hope for an amicable divorce. we will always try to talk you into mediation, which is a faster and cheaper alternative to the traditional divorce process.  Unlike other lawyers, Shepelsky Law Group cares more about the happiness of you family than our fees, so we don’t create unnecessary drama and treat family matters with sensitivity.

I have gone through a divorce myself and I know how painful it is. Our attorneys will help you survive this and get your life back.

Marina Shepelsky

Managing attorney

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5-Star Excellence in Family and Divorce Law

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5-Star Excellence in Family and Divorce Law

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