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Divorce settlement agreements

A detailed divorce settlement agreement or stipulation of settlement outlining the terms of agreement of the couple is found in an overwhelming majority of divorce cases settled.

Only experienced matrimonial divorce attorneys are able to define the major issues to be spelled out in a divorce settlement agreement and to advise the client what is best for them.

Divorce Settlement Agreements can be very complex and cover the following issues:


  • Custody
  • Visitation
  • Parenting Plan for the long term (holidays, birthdays, school breaks, summer vacation, religious holidays and milestones).
  • Relocation by the custodial and the non-custodial parent after divorce

2. Child Support – both temporary during the divorce pendency, and after the divorce.

3. Property Division – dividing marital property and marital debts; who stays in the marital home and for how long, sale of the marital home.

4. Alimony, Maintenance, Spousal support – both temporary during the divorce pendency, and after divorce.

5. Retirement benefits.

6. Taxes – how to file, claiming dependents.

7. Removing barriers to remarriage (religious divorce and related issues).

8. Name change.

Divorce settlement agreement may be signed at any point during the divorce case and signing it at the early stages of the divorce saves tens of thousands in legal fees for the couple. In addition, settling the divorce amicably saves considerable time and emotional energy for both sides. A strong detailed Divorce Settlement Agreement is your road plan for the after-divorce future.

Shepelsky Law Group experienced divorce attorneys will ensure that your Divorce Settlement Agreement is prepared and negotiated with you and your family’s interests in mind. We will structure and set up your road plan for the future and ensure you do not have to return to court for post-divorce issues. We will anticipate all the roadblocks for you and make sure you are safe.

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