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Immigration News with Marina Shepelsky – LIVE – Ask the Lawyer

March 23, 2022

Immigration News LIVE with Attorney Marina Shepelsky – 18 March 2022 @ 11 am

Immigration news this week.
– No movement since July, 2021 for Family Petitions categories. April’s Visa Bulletin was released this week and shows no movement again!
– TPS announced for Afghani nationals for 18 months. Anyone in US from Afghanistan can apply for TPS and work permit, social security number and non-deportable status. TPS will apply only to those individuals who are already residing in the United States as of March 15, 2022
– Expediting procedure – how to expedited your case when it’s pending for a long time.
– News with Special Immigrant Juvenile Petitions.
– Ukraine TPS
– How does TPS work
– VAWA news

Immigration Attorney Marina Shepelsky will tell you things from her experience and answer your Immigration questions.

Q&A at the end live. Prepare to love it!!