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There are several options of becoming a green card holder in U.S. through marriage to a US citizen or US Green Card holder.  Depending on the status of the US spouse and where their foreign-born spouse lives, there are different options for immigrating and legalizing in America.

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H-1B work visas

H-1B visa is a non-immigrant temporary visa for specialty occupation workers, and also for foreign workers coming to perform services of an exceptional nature.

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VAWA Domestic Violence, T-Visas, U-Visas

If your fairy tale wedding to a U.S. citizen or Green Card holder ends in disaster and that spouse gradually turns into an abusive monster, there are laws in place to protect immigrant men and women victims of battery and domestic violence.

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Immigration court and deportation

Immigration Court Removal Proceedings are administrative court proceedings to determine if an alien (foreign citizen) is removable/deportable from US and to determine if the respondent alien is eligible for relief/protection from being deported under immigration laws.  

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Property division

In New York State and New Jersey, divorce property division is called equitable distribution. This includes splitting up the spouses’ joint marital assets and debts. 

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Depending on the state, the spousal support provided by the monied spouse to the spouse who earned less during the marriage is sometimes called Alimony or Maintenance. In New York, alimony is referred to as maintenance.

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U.S. citizenship

Naturalization is a legal process that allows green card holders to become US citizens.  

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Asylum is a form of protection and an immigration status given by the US government to victims of persecution and refugees.  America is a country of immigrants and has always opened its doors to people asking for protection because they have suffered persecution in their home country or have real fear of suffering persecution in their home country.

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