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Other visas (student F-1, P visa, R-1 religious visa)

P-1 visa

P-1 visas are given to foreign temporary workers — internationally recognized athlete or entertainment group members.  They usually come to U.S. for limited engagements such as performances or sports competitions. 

P-1S visa — essential support personnel for a P-1. 

P-2 visa— artist/entertainer in reciprocal exchange program. 

P-2S visa — essential support personnel for a P-2. 

P-3 visa — artist/entertainer coming to the United States to perform, teach, or coach under a program that is culturally unique. 

P-3S visa — essential support personnel for a P-3. 

Q-1 visa – alien coming temporarily to participate in an international cultural exchange program. 

R-1 visa — religious worker.

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