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Humanitarian parole

Who is eligible for humanitarian parole?

People who live in other countries and have a strong emergency and there is a humanitarian reason or strong public benefit to allow a foreigner to enter the US, and:

  • Applicant cannot get the necessary admission documents the Department of State
  • Parole is NOT to be used to skip the normal visa issuance procedures or to bypass regular immigration processes. It’s for emergencies only.
  • Urgent Humanitarian reason and public benefit must be clearly shown.
  • May be used by people with orders of removal/deportation or currently in immigration court removal process

How do I apply for humanitarian parole?

To submit your application for Humanitarian Parole, do the following:

  • Complete USCIS Form I-131, Application for Travel Document, and include the filing fee for each person applying
  • Complete USCIS Form I-134, Affidavit of Support, to demonstrate that you will not become a public charge (have to collect social or free public benefits when you come to US like Medicaid or food stamps or SNAP); and
  • Include detailed personal statement or declaration explaining attaching the evidence of your emergency circumstances.

Humanitarian Parole may be extended as long as you file at least 90 days before it expires.

Is there medical parole to come to us for medical treatment?

To apply for MEDICAL parole, the applicant must submit:

  • An explanation from a medical doctor stating the applicant’s emergency type diagnosis and prognosis, and how long the treatment is expected to last;
  • Information on the reasons why applicant cannot obtain treatment in your home country or in a neighboring country;
  • The estimated cost of the treatment and an explanation on how the treatment will be paid for – who will pay and how much; and
  • How you will pay to return to your country.
  • Parolees must depart the United States before their parole expires. You may submit a request for reparole, which must be approved by USCIS. Parole does not grant any immigration benefits.

What happens after you apply

Once USCIS receives your Form I-131 and Form I-134, we will process your application and then you will receive:

  • A receipt notice confirming that we received your application, and
  • A written notice of a decision.

If you do not receive a response within 120 business days, then you may contact the Parole Branch in writing.

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