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Navigating the complex process of dividing real estate in a divorce? Let Shepelsky Law guide you through it. Our attorneys specialize in divorce and real estate law. Divorcing couples facing the challenge of dividing joint real estate can turn to Shepelsky Law. Our experienced attorneys can help ensure a fair and equitable division of property.

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VAWA Petition Pro Tips 2023 | Green Card for Victims of Domestic Violence

Are you planning to file a VAWA petition soon? Look no further! This informative video guide provides expert advice and valuable tips to guarantee a successful outcome for your I-360 self-petition. From eligibility criteria to presenting your case effectively during the interview, this video covers everything you need to know to secure your VAWA petition approval in 2022. Whether you're new to the filing process or seeking to increase your chances of success, this video guide is a must-watch for anyone considering a VAWA petition. Don't miss out on this comprehensive resource for optimizing your VAWA petition.

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Recent Immigration News: Updates and Changes You Need to Know About

Keeping up with the ever-changing landscape of immigration can be challenging, but our latest blog post is here to help. In our article, we highlight the most important updates and changes in recent immigration news. We explore how USCIS policy updates protect "aged out" children of immigrants, the new pilot program that permits domestic visa renewals for foreign workers, and President Biden's plan to limit asylum seekers at the border. We also delve into the latest developments in the difficult, protracted legal battle over the TPS policy affecting hundreds of thousands of immigrants. Stay informed on all the latest immigration news by reading our comprehensive blog post.

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