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Business law & contracts

NY and NJ business law attorneys

Do you have a business anywhere in New York or New Jersey or are you interested in establishing a new business, and need advice and guidance on the following?

  • Registering a new business
  • Corp or LLC?
  • S Corp or C Corp?
  • Business purchase
  • Business sale
  • Selling a part of your business?

If you have any business-related questions, we are here to answer all of them at Shepelsky Law Group.

Our team of business lawyers work on the following issues:

Contracts — Business and Personal 

  • Prepare (draft) contracts
  • Negotiation of contracts
  • Protecting your contractual rights
  • Review contracts
  • Finalize contract
  • Promissory Note and Loan Agreements
  • Contractor Agreements
  • Employment Agreements

Real Estate Contracts

  • Real Estate Agreements
  • Real Estate Closings – buying and selling residential and commercial property
  • Commercial Leases (representing Landlords and Tenants)
  • RE Promissory notes and loan agreements
  • Private Mortgage
  • 1031 Exchange of one investment property for another

Business Law

  • Business growth advice
  • Marketing and sales advice
  • Due diligence
  • Forming a new company
  • EIN taxpayer number for your company
  • Corporations
  • LLC
  • Operating Agreements
  • Partnership Agreements
  • Tax advice for businesses
  • Shares, issuing Stock
  • Purchase and sale of company stock and company assets
  • Business litigation
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Tax law

  • IRS Representation
  • IRS Audits
  • IRS Appeals
  • Innocent Spouse Relief Petitions
  • Non-filers – compliance with tax laws; minimizing tax arrears and penalties
  • IRS liens
  • State Tax Representation – NY and NJ
  • Tax Planning – tax planning for business transactions, 1031 exchanges, mergers and acquisitions

Employment law

Our focus is on employers for the following issues:

  • Representing business employers
  • Human Resources Issues
  • Employment Discrimination & Workplace Discrimination
  • Fair Hiring

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