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Green Card through Marriage

The process of Adjustment of Status – Green Card through Marriage: by Shepelsky Law, Marina Shepelsky, Esq.

NY Divorce 10 Most Frequent Q&A – Shepelsky Law

Shepelsky Law – NY Divorce 10 Most Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Asylum in United States. Presented by US Immigration Attorney Marina Shepelsky.

S immigration attorney expert Marina Shepelsky describes the process of Asylum, including updated with Trump’s immigration process reforms. Shepelsky Law is the leading NY + NJ immigration law firm. Tel: (718) 769-6352.

Immigration Court and Deportation – the basics – presented by Shepelsky Law

Shepelsky Law, a leading U.S. Immigration law firm, presents a simple explanation of what are Immigration Courts proceedings, what happens in Immigration Courts, how does the system of Immigration Courts work, who can be deported, what is deportation, deportation procedure, and much more.

US Citizenship by Naturalization – lifehacks by Attorney Marina Shepelsky

US Citizenship by Naturalization for green card holders explained in detail by Attorney Marina Shepelsky, includes advice and lifehacks. How to apply for US Citizenship and be approved.

How to apply for asylum in America. Russian-language Video about applying for Asylum in US

How to apply for asylum in America. Says American immigration lawyer Marina Shepelskaya. How to apply for Asylum in U.S., as told by US Immigration Attorney Marina Shepelsky, Esq.

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