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Answers to common questions about divorce and parenting during the pandemic

Experienced NY+NJ Divorce Lawyer Marina Shepelsky, Esq. answers the most common questions asked about parenting and divorce during Coronavirus Pandemic.

For many people, the Covid-19 pandemic created extra pressures on their already fragile marriages and relationships with current and ex-spouses. Many people filed for separation and divorce and divorce statistics grow daily. Coronavirus times also produced new challenges for co-parenting for divorced parents and blended families.

Matrimonial Attorney Marina Shepelsky has collected the most COMMON questions and answers them in this informational video.

– What to do if you are stuck in quarantine with your spouse and want to file for divorce ASAP?
– Is it a good idea to file for a divorce now during the pandemic?
– Is it even possible to file for divorce right now?
– How will your assets be valued and calculated for splitting up in a divorce?
– What if your ex is denying you visitation with your kids using Covid as an excuse?
– What if you lost your job or your business went under and now you cannot afford the child support ordered when you were working?
– What to do if your child support debt is growing?
– How to ensure your kids’ remote school work is being done when staying with both parents?

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