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VAWA complexities

VAWA complexities – who is eligible? What if you are now divorced from your abusive US Citizen or Green Card Holder abuser spouse? Shepelsky Law Group has over 18 years of experience with VAWA I-360 Marriage Abuse cases. Parents and step-children immigrants also qualify! Give us a call today to get a work permit and […]

What kind of divorce do we handle at Shepelsky law?

What kind of issue do we handle at Shepelsky law? 1. Prenuptial Agreements 2. Postnuptial Agreements 3. Divorce 4. Problems between people who never got married 5. Problems related to children and child support Courts were completely closed, but have now reopened…virtually. Some courts are fully open while some are only accessible through phone, Skype, […]


📣📣📣 Since I started making Immigration ⚖️ videos, people ask me all the time: what is the thingie where you can legalize in US after 10 years of paying taxes? CANCELLATION OF REMOVAL In regular people’s language: This is a process of defense from deportation, where you go to Immigration Court and ask the Immigration […]

Changes to US Citizenship Test

This week USCIS announced that they are UPDATING the Naturalization (U.S. Citizenship) Test.  But it’s not that bad! I did the hard work for you, and here are only 8 updates to the test below: 2020 Civics Test Updates  1. Question 23. Who is one of your state’s U.S. senators now? Answers will vary. [District […]


Cancellation of Removal is a process that is getting a green card through the court. There are some things that make a person eligible for CANCELLATION OF REMOVAL: 1. People who have been in US for more than 10 years. 2. People who are currently illegal, but have a high moral character. 3. People who […]

What are the 5 things that allow you to legalize in the US after 10 years?

What are the 5 things that allow you to legalize in the US after 10 years – Cancellation of removal: 1. Physical Presence in the US for 10 years. 2. Married to US Citizen or GC Holder Spouse and/or Citizen Kids. 3. Spouse and Kids – extreme hardship if had to leave the US with […]


Special topics about the last few months of restrictions choking all LEGAL immigration to US, what’s going on this week in Immigration News, and what’s new in the news generally. Presidential election, how will this affect Immigration in US and our lives generally? Are you afraid of the outcome of the Election? What will happen […]

Seminar on Divorce

We discuss divorce during quarantine: parenting, child support, and getting through the tough times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shepelsky Law Group Tel: (718) 769-6352

Что делать, если родственники отказываются подписать контракт?

С клиентом Марины Шепельской однажды произошла такая история.

I-360 VAWA Petition

For undocumented immigrants, these are hard times of BIG stress and they are experiencing domestic violence every day.  Many men and women are living with blackmail, humiliation, isolation and physical abuse in their marriage to US citizens or GC holders and the Covid pandemic is forcing them to stay home with their abusers and be […]

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