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US Congress passed a special law called the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA for short) with provisions for immigration applicants to protect them from abuse and allow them the opportunity to receive their immigration status without their abusive US Citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident spouse. We can help you with VAWA immigration problems.

💔 If you think your relationship is unhealthy, the first step would be to seek help of a coach or therapist to figure out if certain behaviors of your partner are abusive. They should teach you skills how to identify the red flags, and even more important – how to draw your boundaries clearly and to respond.

🤜 Not all abusive relationships are physically violent. There are different types of abuse, from financial to emotional. Emotional abuse within relationships is much more common than physical abuse. And it’s harder to recognize, because it can present as an “intense” form of love and devotion. An abusive relationship often seems hot, passionate and romantic at first, and then gradually descends into manipulation and cruelty. 

Before you determine that VAWA is the right pathway to your immigration story, you should identify the red flags.

🚩 If your partner says or does something that makes you feel bad about yourself or yells at you, that’s your first red flag. Forms of emotional abuse are: 

🔸Humiliation (calling you names, cursing you out, making you feel small and bad in front of other people).



🔸Making you feel guilty for innocent things (like getting sick or not cooking him a meal when he is working late and you went to bed early). 

🔸Blaming you for anything that goes wrong and completely out of control is another form of emotional abuse. 

🔸Gaslighting (convincing you that he did not say or do what you clearly heard and saw him do). 

🔸Ignoring you.

🔸Isolating you from your friends and family.

🔸Neglecting you.

🔸Refusing to have sex with you and withhold affection.

🔸Taking all your money away from you, taking away your credit cards, financial fraud with your credit.

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