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Immigration Law for National Interest EB-2 Green Card

☝To win National Interest EB-2 Green Card cases, hire and work with an immigration lawyer with the right experience. It’s crucial that they’ve previously handled these types of cases, and have certain skills and qualifications.

✅ First and foremost, the lawyer should thouroughly understand the requirements for the National Interest Waiver (NIW) and the EB-2 Green Card. They also must firmly understand the criteria that USCIS uses to evaluate NIW petitions. This understanding will allow the lawyer to craft a strong legal argument that meets USCIS’s standards.

✅ Secondly, the lawyer should have a deep understanding of the field related to the applicant’s exceptional ability or advanced degree. Then, the lawyer can provide a clear and compelling argument for why the applicant’s work is exceptional and deserves recognition. It is crucial to have a strong legal background in the field to present the strongest possible case for the applicant.

✅ Third, the lawyer should have excellent writing skills and the ability to clearly and persuasively present the applicant’s case to USCIS. To help applicants with their visa application, the lawyer needs to accomplish three crucial tasks:

  • Showcase the applicant’s achievements
  • Explain the national interest of the applicant’s work

✅ Fourthly, the lawyer should have experience in handling complex immigration casesThey must be familiar with the process for appealing adverse decisions. Subsequently, the applicant can be confident that their case is being handled by an equipped professional. This persona will be able to navigate any challenges that may arise during the process.

✅ Finally, the lawyer should be responsive, communicative, and able to provide regular updates on the status of the case. This will help remove the stress that often accompanies the immigration process.

👍 An immigration lawyer for National Interest EB-2 Green Card cases should possess a combination of legal knowledge, experience, and skills. Working with a specialized attorney increase one’s chances of success with their goal of getting a green card. We, at Shepelsky Law Group, have what is necessary to win your NIW case.

At Shepelsky Law Group, we 🤗❤LOVE EB-2 NIW cases. We take a team approach to complex employment immigration cases like the National Interest Waiver petitions. There are usually 1-2 attorneys and a paralegal reviewing/writing each case to truly get well-rounded evidence.  Now, this never happens overnight and it’s not a science, but an art! We work with clients to get as many supporting documents and information as possible. This makes your case look flawless! 💪 Finally, we set up a winning strategy, so we’re prepared for every curve ball. Whether USCIS or the Consulates throw us surprises, we can craft a winning case. We really care about the outcome of our cases and have a strong track record of NIW victories.

Call Shepelsky Law today to become a Green Card holder in the NIW EB-2 category.

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