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March 16, 2022

The I-360 VAWA Petition helps to legalize, get a work permit and a Green Card for men and women who are still undocumented and suffering in a bad marriage to a U.S. citizen or even a Green Card Holder.  But we have people calling us who already were denied daily. We sometimes take on these cases to overcome the denials, but I think it’s a great idea to compile a list of common reasons for VAWA Denial.


We do VAWA work every day and we welcome new clients. If you are in a bad marriage to a US citizen or GC Holder and considering VAWA, call us for your in-depth personal consultation. 

1. NOT hiring a lawyer. Letting a paralegal, notary, or a family member submit your VAWA Case is a big mistake that will cause you to get denied.

2. Incorrect forms.

3. Mailing your correct forms to the WRONG place. Where do I send the VAWA forms? Find out where to send them depending on where you are based.

4. Incorrect fees for accompanying I-485 Green Card Application and Work Permit forms. Make sure your payment is up to date with the filing fees for your state.

5. Incorrect or false information in the forms. Missing important information is very problematic for a VAWA application. Addresses, dates of birth, name spelling, dates and etc. must match – especially when you filed USCIS documents or visa applications forms before and now the information contradicts what you said to the Government before.

6. Missing a deadline for Request for Evidence. Right now, due to Covid, USCIS is giving extra 60 days grace period extension to almost any replies to their deadlines.

7. Not sending in proof of the US Citizen Spouse’s US citizenship (passport, Naturalization Certificate, or US birth certificate), or green card holder status proof.

8. Not submitting enough proofs of marriage (JOINT documents) such as joint tax returns with the abusive spouse, joint bank statements, joint lease agreements, joint bills, proofs of joint travel and savings and expenditures together as a couple, NON-X-rated joint photos.

9. Not sending in witness letters from people who can confirm you had a real marriage and that the spouse abused you verbally, emotionally, financially, and sometimes physically.

10. NOT going to a psychologist for an evaluation to be submitted with your case as proof of abuse and of the real marriage relationship.

11. Not submitting any proof of abuse by the Citizen or GC holder spouse.

12. Filing VAWA after 2 years from the date of divorce.

13. Not submitting proof of good moral character (no criminal history, good moral behavior such as attending church or volunteering for some community organizations). 

14. NOT PREPARING FOR YOUR INTERVIEW. If you need some support, check out our YouTube channel.


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