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Sponsorship and Guarantor Needs for Vulnerable US Asylum Seekers

When seeking asylum in the US on the US-Mexican border through the CBP ONE and using guarantors to support your case, it’s important to provide thorough and accurate information. 👮‍♂️Guarantors, often referred to as sponsors or individuals who are willing to vouch for your offer of support, can play a role in demonstrating your ties to the community. 👇Here is a general list of documents and information you might need from your guarantors:

1️⃣➡️ Proof of Identity

Guarantors for US asylum seekers should provide copies of their identification documents, such as a driver’s license, passport, or green card.

If your guarantors are U.S. citizens, they should provide proof of their citizenship. Documentation includes a birth certificate, naturalization certificate, or U.S. passport. If they are lawful permanent residents, they should provide a copy of their green card. If they in any immigrant or nonimmigrant status – they have to provide evidence of that status, such as a copy of their visa, copy of Employment Authorization, or I-94. ‼️ Remember, your grantor can be any person or organization with legal status in the US. There are NO requirements that the guarantor must be a US citizen or LPR ( Green card holder).

3️⃣➡️ Proof of Address

Provide documents that show the guarantors’ current address. Examples include utility bills, lease agreements, or mortgage statements.

4️⃣➡️ Employment Verification

Documentation that verifies the guarantors’ employment. Examples: recent pay stubs, employment verification letters, or tax returns.

5️⃣➡️ Financial Information

Information about the guarantors’ financial status. Examples include recent tax returns, bank statements. If needed, share any other evidence of their ability to financially support you.

6️⃣➡️ Relationship to You

Explain the relationship between you and the guarantors. If they are family members, friends, or members of your community, provide details about how you know each other. Detail why they are willing to support you as you seeking asylum in the US.

7️⃣➡️ Letter of Support

A formal letter from the guarantors explaining their relationship with you and how they are willing to assist you during the process.

8️⃣➡️ Contact Information

Provide up-to-date contact information for the guarantors, including phone numbers, email addresses, and their current address.
DHS is most interested that the new asylum seeker will have a stable address and contact in the US. This is to serve legal documents and ensuring there is no “catch and release” situation. For example, they don’t want an asylum seeker to disappear into the recesses of the US. They want to prevent a situation where someone stops showing up to Immigration Court and cannot be contacted.

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