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💔 The least painful way to get a divorce is through collaborative or uncontested divorce. If you live in New York or New Jersey and you want an easy divorce, read on.

“Uncontested” means that no side is contesting the divorce itself (both want to end the marriage amicably).

Uncontested Divorce is a process where two spouses and their respective attorneys work through the issues in the termination of the marriage and create an agreement of settlement.

☝ The common issues in every divorce are:
1️⃣ Kids
– Custody and visitation
– Parenting plans
– Taking turns spending time with your children of the marriage for holidays, summers, and travel
2️⃣ Alimony and child support.
– Alimony is financial support that a person is ordered by a court to give to their spouse during separation or following divorce
– It’s crucial to get child support sorted out during an uncontested divorce
3️⃣ Equitable distribution is when you divide property acquired during the marriage
– Your marital home
– Investment accounts
– Pension and 401(k) plans
– Any other purchases of value from the wedding

❓ What are the benefits of uncontested divorce?
– Uncontested Divorces are private and confidential.
– Uncontested divorces are centered around you and your children. They are not focused on what the judge wants or thinks.
– You and your spouse control the process, not the judge. Control is not handed over to a judge who would normally be unfamiliar with a couple’s or a family’s unique circumstances, with a very limited time to hear their case.
– Uncontested divorce is much cheaper and more cost-effective than litigation.
– You can move at the speed you are comfortable with. The process is not rushed.
– No time is wasted sitting around in court. You can spend your time focusing on the most important issues in your divorce.
– Uncontested divorce settlement can be creative and customized.
– You can settle out of court.
– This is a highly convenient way to divorce.

🤝 Uncontested divorces are less contentious and resolve more quickly than litigation. Collaborative divorces not only move faster, but they also often result in less acrimony than divorces handled through traditional litigation. In fact, collaborative divorces are frequently referred to as “friendly divorces”.

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