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Visa to US

Getting a Visa to America from Poland for Ukrainian Refugees: URGENT VISA IN THE USA NOW

Visa to US:

My dear sister was in the Embassy today, so the info is 100% true.

The US Embassy in Warsaw and Krakow reported the issuance of visas for Ukrainians (screenshot 1-2).

There is no refugee program yet, but there is a possibility to get a US visa to legally enter the country during war by the racists. This visa will be a type B1/B2 (tourist) term for 10 years and a stay in the United States for 6 months within one visit, but of course, the Embassy understands that the purpose of taxes is not tourism, but war in Ukraine.

Who can get a visa? All Ukrainians, regardless of whether they have relatives in the USA or not.

If you have already been registered for an interview in Posoství in Ukraine, then you can transfer it to the Embassy in Poland by writing a request letter to

If you already have a submission appointment in Poland, but the interview date is still far away, then you can change it to an urgent submission already in your online office where you signed up for the interview

If you are a close relative of a US citizen or a Green Card owner and you have started the immigration process of family reunion in Ukraine, you can also transfer your case to Poland by writing to Of course, the advantage will be given to those who have a US citizenship or a Green Card, but even those who don’t have one should try.

How to sign up for an interview:

  1. Visit … and create yourself an online cabinet (screen 3)
  2. In your office choose New Application/Schedule Appointment (screen 4)
  3. Choose Nonimmigrant visa, press Ok in the window, which will appear, choose the city of filing documents – Krakow or Warsaw
  4. To submit in Warsaw, choose a type of Crew visa (C1/D), and to submit in Krakow – F1, although then you still need to enter specific data of educational institutions, it’s impossible because you don’t have them. That’s why everyone is signing up in Warsaw. These are not tourist or guest types of visas, but these types are available for the coming dates, so choose them, and already in the interview the embassy will change the type of visa. (This is official information from the Embassy)
  5. After that, you need to submit your passport data and also the DS160 form number, which you need to create separately on this website by choosing the city where you will be interviewed and by clicking Start an Application to move on. (Screen 5)
  6. Be sure to write down or print out an Application ID, which is automatically generated (screen 6)
  7. Answer the secret question and press Continue
  8. In the field of personal information enter your data and below click save. Then you can go back to filling out the form before the interview itself.
  9. Next, we return to the site where we created our online cabinet and in the DS-160 Confirmation Number graph we wrote down, fill in all our data and press Continue
  10. If you have a family member (parents, children), then in Step 6 you can add it immediately, but in advance you also need to create a separate DS160 and insert its number on each family member, press Continue
  11. We answer the question according to our situation and move on
  12. We choose a form of obtaining documents – Pick up
  13. We go to pay the consulʹsʹkogo fee and pay $ 160 / os payment card and after payment we press Return to Website
  14. Click on New Application again, select Nonimmigrant, go on, select interview date and print or email a confirmation.I managed to make acquaintances through March 30th, so now I need to click on Emergency Request (screen 7) and ask you to accept faster or email
  15. Then it’s getting closer to the interview, you open the DS160 form and fill it out.Now the main thing is to sign up for an interview!

Save and share this post! And remember after getting a visa you must have money for air tickets and life in the USA. At present, there are no assistance and financing programs for Ukrainians. Glory to Ukraine! We will win and come back to rebuild our country!