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What you need to file for MARRIAGE GREEN CARD

Hi, Guys! 🔈 🔈

My name is Marina Shepelsky, and I am a US Immigration Lawyer helping clients in all the 50 states. 🗽🗽

Today I want to say what are the major things you need as of TODAY to file for a green card through marriage. THE FRESHEST INFORMATION!

✅ First. Use a lawyer, the forms got super hard and complicated. Do not use a paralegal, use an experienced lawyer like us!

✅ Second. Gather your identity papers – passports, divorces, birth certificates and your marriage certificate.

✅ Third. Order IRS TRANSCRIPTS at for your US citizen spouse for the past 3 years tax returns. Prepare their W-2s salary forms for the past 3 years,
plus from this year PAYSTUBS (TOP PART OF THEIR PAYCHECK) for the past 3 months.

✅ Fourth. Prepare a credit report and bank statements for yourself and have information available to show you have not received MEDICAID and FOODSTAMPS or other public benefit programs since you came to America.

✅ Fifth. Have your addresses, jobs, dates you moved and changed jobs, your parents’ birthdays and places of birth ready.
Sixth. Set up joint documents – documents with both names on them.

✅ Sixth. Open a USCIS account to follow your petitions and their case numbers online once you file and to make sure USCIS sends you all the information on your case as soon as they do something on your case.

Good luck and welcome to Shepelsky Law Group!

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