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What To Expect From Biden Regarding Immigration During his Early Presidency


– Joe Biden promised to push through in Congress a real new amnesty within the first 100 days of presidency. This means an Immigration Reform to solve the legalization and a pathway to citizenship for 11 Million PLUS immigrants in US right now without any immigration status.

– Get rid of Trump’s travel bans ban on travel from certain majority-Muslim countries and for certain family immigration categories (adult kids of green card holders).

– Make DACA Dreamers program permanent.

– Get rid of “Stay in Mexico” program enforced by Trump for asylum applicants asking to enter LEGALLY into U.S. to ask for asylum because it exposed them to months of terrible conditions in Mexico.

– Work on fixing a backlog of more than 1 million pending asylum cases built up over multiple administration.

– Prioritize deporting undocumented immigrants with CRIMINAL records as during the Obama administration.

Do I think that Joe Biden can reimagine the entire broken Immigration system in 100 days or even four years? NO, but any improvements of the backlog, bad conditions for asylum seekers, more tolerance for immigrants and figuring out how to give the 11 million PLUS undocumented immigrants with kids and deep roots created in US with a way to work legally, pay taxes, eventually get green cards and US citizenship.

He can do some good things quickly with good executive orders.

The Biden administration has to rebuild the structure to process asylum seekers asking to come into US legally and ask for asylum in a human and orderly way, because it’s nonexistent at this point.

I do not think fixing our immigration system EQUALS open borders and encourages people to cross into US illegally. The possibility of a new bill for new Immigration reform depends on the balance of political (Republican/Democratic) power in US Senate, the ONLY government part in America that can make and approve laws. Presidents are not supposed to make laws in America, as was written by our US Constitution.

I have hope for a great 2021 and good things for our immigration system and as always, we are here for you at Shepelsky Law Group.

Call us to evaluate any immigration problem you may have. Even if other immigration lawyers said NO, we can find a way to say YES and legalize you. WE CAN HELP YOU!

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