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We are not going anywhere!

Dear Friend:

I wanted to send you a note of reassurance and to extend my support during these challenging times of Covid-19 and 2020 election uncertainty.

No matter what this election brings, at our firm we will continue our work the same way – fighting for our clients’ rights. We are not going anywhere!

Our immigration practice will continue filing for green cards and work authorizations and preventing deportations. People still need to legalize in the US.

In our family law practice, we know the importance of supporting our clients who are facing troubles at home, from divorce to child support, and arranging visitations during the pandemic. Despite stay-at-home orders and civil unrest, people still deserve to get divorced with dignity. Despite canceled trials in NY State and terrible delays with USCIS, we are working harder than ever.

If you have any questions or concerns or just want to say hello, know I am here for you. Feel free to reach out. I will be more than happy to hear your story and offer support to any troubles you are facing.

Warmly, Marina

⚖️ Shepelsky Law Group ⚖️

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