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Helping to Legalize Through VAWA

VAWA means Violence Against Women Act and it can be used by both men and women to get a green card in the USA.

In this video, I talk shortly about what is VAWA case but my focus is mainly on situations when you can file for VAWA.

  • What is VAWA?
  • What is “abuse” mean in the context of VAWA?
  • What can be considered as abuse in VAWA?
  • Can you file for VAWA after you already filed for a green card?
  • Can you file for VAWA if you have old deportation?
  • Can you file for VAWA if you have been denied in an old case?
  • What kind of problems is VAWA meant to help deal with?
  • How we can help you win your VAWA petition and required evidence?
  • How long does the VAWA process take to be completed?
  • My conclusions. Answers questions.

We can help you get a Work Permit and a Green Card even if your spouse is just a Green Card Holder, or they died or divorced less than 2 years.

Marina is an immigration and Family lawyer in NY and NJ with 18+ years of experience and represents Immigration clients all over America, in all 50 states.

Marina is also a passionate defender of immigrants’ rights and likes to tell people in simple terms what politics and news mean for immigrants and for our community.

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