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I-360 VAWA Petition

For undocumented immigrants, these are hard times of BIG stress and they are experiencing domestic violence every day.  Many men and women are living with blackmail, humiliation, isolation and physical abuse in their marriage to US citizens or GC holders and the Covid pandemic is forcing them to stay home with their abusers and be exposed to more abuse than ever.
We are here to help!
If you are suffering in a terrible marriage to a US citizen or GC holder, we can file the I-360 VAWA Petition for you, file for your green card, file for a work authorization and even the advance parole travel document to allow you travel while your case is pending.  You must prove your marriage is NOT fake (joint documents) and that you are experiencing abuse, and you will be able to get your papers in US without your abuser. This is a 100% confidential process.
Call us today to begin your journey to freedom. We have the experience to get your case approved in the shortest period of time.
TEL: 718-769-6352