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How to receive a 10-year green card after having a 2-year green card?

Hi guys! My name is Marina Shepelsky and I am talking about the process of filing for the 10-year green card after you have a 2-year green card.

So there are several options for filing:

The first option is when everything is good with your marriage and you are filing jointly with your US citizen spouse.

For that, we collect the documents for the 2 years of marriage. We collect at least three practically, better to have four witness letter from people who know you. Family members can write this. Friends can write this. Your coworker can write you a letter. We collect all of this. We take 20-25 pictures. We glue them on paper and we sign at the bottom of the paper with a date, time, the place…We put the form and all supporting documents together and we send it out.

Option 2 if you`re no longer with your spouse, then we have to make some decisions. If somebody filed for divorce, we file for a waiver of a joint filing requirement. Even if you have a good relationship with your ex-spouse it is not a bad idea for them to write you a letter if you are in a good relationship with them.

If your spouse is abusing you, you can also file for divorce based on being subject to battery, or extreme cruelty, abuse from your spouse. And in addition to that, whenever I ask for a waiver in my cases I also try to add to the case any evidence that it would be a hardship to the immigrant to have to go back to their country, to have to return home after having created roots and life in America. Something that is going on that I could show It would be very hard for you to go home to your country.

I do not recommend doing this yourself even if everything is great in your relationship.

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