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Dating after divorce. When to start dating. Find a new love and make it work!

Most of you know me as an immigration attorney and my firm really takes a lot of immigration cases in all 50 states. But we are based in New York and New Jersey and we are also licensed to take divorce and other family cases here.

This video is different. It’s not a lawyer’s advice only. I want to share my personal experience and my own journey after divorce.

I feel like my life and professional experience are gonna help a lot of people who are going through a divorce and I really want to share it.

If you know somebody who can benefit from this advice please send them this video!

00:00 Dating after divorce
02:06 Take your time
03:00 Leave the baggage behind
03:52 Work on yourself, discover new passions in life
05:04 learn to love yourself
07:05 Learn from your divorce

I wish you all the best of luck with finding new person to share your life with