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📣📣📣 Since I started making Immigration ⚖️ videos, people ask me all the time: what is the thingie where you can legalize in US after 10 years of paying taxes?


In regular people’s language:

This is a process of defense from deportation, where you go to Immigration Court and ask the Immigration Judge to take pity on your US Citizen or GC Holder spouse and/or US Citizen or CG Holder kids and not deport you because they would experience extreme hardship (horrible problems) if they had to move with you to your home country. To be eligible for Cancellation of Removal 42(B), the Immigrant must show:

✅ 1. Ten (10) or more years of continuous physical living in US; and

✅ 2. Being married or having children who are US Citizens or GC Holders;

✅ 3. The US Citizen Spouse would experience horrific problems with their health, or financial situation, or some other special issues that make it impossible for them to survive in the immigrant’s home country. This is called Extreme Hardship.

✅ 4. Immigrants paid taxes for the past 10 years and did not have serious criminal convictions. Best to have NO ARRESTS.

✅ 5. Bravery to go to Immigration Court and admit to being in US without a visa all this time, and ask the judge to take pity on the family and give you a green card. 🇺🇸 Это не для слабонервных. 🇺🇸 We have successfully helped hundreds of people legalize in US like this since 2003.

🗽 🗽 🗽 Cancellation of Removal is not for everyone, but it works miracles in the right situation. Give us a call for a paid consultation 📆 to see if you qualify for Cancellation of Removal.

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