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Biden’s Attorney General brings back Social Group Asylum

Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General under Trump, issued 3 draconian case holdings restricting Asylum for Domestic Violence survivors and other Social Group applicants for Asylum called Matter of A-B-, Matter of A-B- I and Matter of L-E-A-. Today, Biden’s new Attorney General Merrick Garland threw them out. Social Group Asylum is back for (1) Domestic Violence survivors; (2) abused women; (3) victims of gang violence; (4) victims and witnesses of crimes in high-crime countries overrun with gangs and militia; (5) LGBT abused by private actors in home country; and (6) any other social group asylum groups.

Even if you were denied by an Immigration Judge under Trump in your social group asylum claim, call us and we can send Immigration Court a Motion to Reopen your deportation.

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