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American lawyer reacts to LEGALLY BLONDE! Let”s get real!

Hi guys! Today we are doing something fun. We gonna watch Legally Blonde together. It is a famous movie about a law student who gets into Harvard to get back with her boyfriend.

I am a real lawyer and I went to law school around that time the movie came out. It was really fun to watch it then. And it was even more fun to watch it 20 years later with my daughters.

This is my first LAWYER REACTS to a movie attempt so tell me if you like it. Usually, I make very useful content about immigration law and family law.

I am an immigration and Family lawyer in NY and NJ with 18+ years of experience and represent Immigration clients all over America, in all 50 states. I am an immigrant myself, I was born in a country that no longer exists.

Marina is also a passionate defender of immigrants’ rights and likes to tell people in simple terms what politics and news mean for immigrants and for our community.

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