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VAWA Victims Can Get a Work Permit and a Green Card!

Learn how victims can obtain a VAWA work permit and a VAWA green card in our comprehensive guide.

Dear Friends,

I recorded a video sharing the step-by-step preparation of a VAWA case and it went viral.  This means that many people find it helpful to know how to prepare for a VAWA case to get a work permit or green card. 

Most likely, you or someone you know is in a bad, toxic, abusive marriage. It’s pretty common, unfortunately 😢.

Here is the video: A Step-By-Step Guide for Preparing a Winning VAWA Case

Please help spread the word about how to win your VAWA case.

The Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) is an immigration law that helps immigrants get green cards or work permits without the knowledge of their spouses. The abusive spouse does not have to sign or know about anything!

Even though the word “women” is in its title, men 🧑🏽✔️ can also apply for relief under VAWA. VAWA is for men and women both!

How to qualify for VAWA

An immigrant does not necessarily have to suffer from physical abuse from their US Citizen or Green Card holder spouse to qualify. There is a long list of types of abuse that can qualify a spouse for a VAWA application, including: yelling, pressure into sex or unusual sexual experiences, manipulation, financial control, social isolation, prevention of working, driving, or attending school, food control, blocking a spouse from seeing a doctor, and emotional abuse are all qualifications for VAWA.

I can help.

Call my office at 📱 (718) 769-6352. 

If you prefer WhatsApp, please use this number (718) 419-36-36.

I really get it. I am a lawyer, an immigrant, and I personally went through an abusive relationship and a painful divorce. We can help you turn your life around, as we have done with hundreds of VAWA success stories in our past practice. Our team can help you determine the best way to achieve green card status or apply for a Visa in the US.

Warm regards,
Marina Shepelsky

⚖️ Shepelsky Law Group ⚖️