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Hi, Friends!

My name is Marina Shepelsky, and I have been doing Immigration and Family Law since 2003. I practice Immigration Law in ALL 50 STATES!

Today, I want to tell you a few really cool things about what VAWA I-360 Petition is.

First, the I-360 VAWA Petition can help you if you are still illegal and married to a US citizen, but are having PROBLEMS in your marriage.

Some things that make it really great and SAVE people’s lives every day are:

– EVEN if you came in without a visa, VAWA can help legalize you.

– EVEN if other lawyers told you you must go home to your country, we use VAWA to legalize you INSIDE U.S. WITHOUT LEAVING US.

– Your kids will be legalized with you.

– We can reopen old deportations for you WHEN you win your VAWA Petition. NOT IF, BUT WHEN. 

– We do hundreds of VAWA Petitions for husbands and wives of U. S. Citizens and Green Card holders and have gotten everyone green cards!

– Your spouse can even be a Green Card holder, but if you are in a real marriage with them and show you have serious marriage problems, we can get you a work permit and a green card.

– VAWA petitions work for men, too! More than half of our clients are men and we know the special problems that MEN in abusive relationship face.

– NO need for police report or complaint or your spouse to be arrested.

– You have nothing to lose by filing. Even if you don’t get a green card, you will get a special NON-deportation status and a work permit, WIN-WIN.

– The abuse does NOT have to be physical.- You can file even if your US citizen husband or wife puts extreme control on you, financial control, blackmails you with your immigration status, forces you to do work and sexual relations against your will.

– The most important is that YOUR ABUSIVE SPOUSE WILL NEVER FIND OUT, USCIS DOES NOT REPORT IT TO THEM. It’s a strictly secret, confidential process.

– VAWA petitions changes people’s lives. 

Call us today, we legalize people and change their lives WITHOUT them leaving US and get them green Cards.

My name is Marina Shepelsky, call us today at 718-769-6352.