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US Border Patrol Officers have begun allowing Ukrainian citizens to enter US at the Mexican and Canadian borders

US Border Patrol Officers have begun allowing Ukrainian citizens to enter US at the Mexican and Canadian borders with HUMANITARIAN PAROLE UNDER 212(d)(5).

It’s not Asylum, it’s like a substitution for a visa entry.

We recommend they request it walking on foot, in the “Pedestrian” line at the US Border. Have their documents ready – Ukrainian🇺🇦 passport, etc.

Ukrainians may request Humanitarian Parole for several humanitarian reasons (family reunification during war is one). So, anyone with US Relatives (green card holders or US Citizens) will qualify. But some will still be turned away.

We had someone enter yesterday with our guidance! 🎉🥳

This week, US CBP Agents on the ground seem to be making the decision to allow Ukrainians to be processed at the pedestrian line in San Ysidro (Tijuana) and other US CBP posts. This has been reported by Al Otro Lado volunteers who are monitoring on the ground for Tijuana and our own viewers.

Russian 🇷🇺citizens are not getting Humanitarian Parole, but can request Asylum still.

The Ukrainian person presenting himself/herself at the US Border must do the following:

1️⃣Request Humanitarian Parole specifically (say to the US Officers: “I am asking for Humanitarian Parole.” If they say they are asking for Asylum, they will be following a whole different process and could be turned away. Asylum is one thing, Humanitarian Parole is a whole other thing.

2️⃣Clearly list name and address of the US Citizen or Green Card holder they will be staying with in USA. That means, to have this information ready when asked. Would be great to have the person’s copy of US Passport with them (even on the phone, in photos).

3️⃣Be prepared to say that you will follow US Immigration Laws when inside US and understand you are only receiving Humanitarian Parole for one year.

Humanitarian Parole is for 1 year only.

Humanitarian Parole is lawful admission, and therefore can be used inside 🇺🇸 for adjustment of Status – filing for a Green Card.

Single adults who enter US seeking asylum still may be detained in ICE custody and forced into the CFI process, and war without nexus is not a strong asylum claim. We are hearing about Ukrainians held in ICE detention centers.

Once the person receives Humanitarian Parole and enters US – they can ask for Asylum inside US.

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