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Trump’s Policy Plans For 2025: Curtailing Legal And Illegal Immigration

The New York Times calls it “Sweeping raids, giant camps and mass deportation: inside Trump’s 2025 immigration plans.” Let’s dive into Trump’s plans for immigration policy.

If President Donald J. Trump regains power in 2025, he intends to significantly escalate his initial-term efforts to address immigration, which would involve extensive actions such as the large-scale apprehension of undocumented individuals already residing in the United States and their detention in extensive facilities as they await deportation.  The plans would sharply limit both legal and illegal immigration in numerous ways.

Here are some of Trump’s plans for US immigration crackdown pending his election in November 2024 to start in 2025:

Reviving First-Term Border Policies.

  • Reintroducing a ban on entry for people from certain Muslim-majority nations.
  • Reimposing a Covid-19-era policy of refusing asylum claims, this time based on assertions that migrants carry other infectious diseases like tuberculosis.

Mass Deportations

  • Planning to locate, identify and deport millions of unauthorized immigrants each year. Out the door with Biden’s mercy “enforcement priorities” concentrating on deporting criminals and deferring removal for families. In with mass deportations. 

Expanding Removals Without Due Process

  • Preparing for a significant expansion of removals that do not require due process hearings, potentially speeding up deportations. Skipping hearings for many and just going straight to deporting them. 
  • Reassigning other federal officers to help ICE and expand ICE staff.

Deploying Federal Agents and Local Police

  • Reassigning federal agents to assist Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in carrying out sweeping raids.
  • Deputizing local police officers and National Guard soldiers from Republican-run states to assist in immigration enforcement voluntarily.

Construction of Detention Camps

  • Proposing the construction of large detention camps to hold individuals during immigration cases processing and as they await deportation flights.  Currently, most people in court proceedings wait for their hearings at home and their attendance at court hearings is voluntary. Trump would treat immigration court like criminal court (or worse) and put everyone in removal proceedings in CAMPS, and no longer jails, to await their hearings.

Redirecting Military Budget Funds

  • In case of any refusal by Congress to appropriate funds, planning to redirect money from the military budget to deportations, similar to his approach in his first term to spend more on a border wall than Congress had authorized.

During a public address in September in Iowa, Trump mentioned his intentions for immigration policy, stating, “In line with the approach used by President Eisenhower, we will execute the most extensive domestic deportation initiative in American history.” This reference alluded to a 1954 campaign aimed at apprehending and expelling Mexican immigrants. The name unfortunately uses an ethnic slur: “Operation Wetback.” 

These plans of Trump scare me, as a US citizen and an immigration lawyer, in so many ways that I do not even know where to start. There are no due process protections under the US Constitution, mass concentration-type camps, bans on entry by religion, and going against the US Congress. Terrible things could be in store for immigrants if he gets elected.

Start your legalization today to avoid risk if Trump gets re-elected. A big part of our country wants him back despite all his criminal indictments and things Biden stole the election from him.

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