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Travel Authorization replaces the visa

This is a Travel Authorization for Ukrainians who come under Uniting for Ukraine program 🇺🇦

Travel Authorization must be shown at the border, it replaces the visa.

When you arrive to 🇺🇸 on the ✈️ , show this document too.

You will be asked a few questions – where you will live, do you plan to work, who your sponsor is, etc. And after that, you will receive humanitarian parole!

An example of Travel Authorization was sent in by my subscriber who became a sponsor for her friend. She says it took about two weeks from submission to authorization.

I am very happy that the program is working and more and more Ukrainians ae coming to the 🇺🇸 and getting the humanitarian parole!

Have you already received a Travel Authorization? Are your relatives or are you already in the US? Or did you have any difficulties? If you need legal help, call us (718) 769 6352or WhatsApp (718) 679 3131

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