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Here are the TOP 6 MISTAKES people make during their immigration interviews that cause their green card application to be DENIED.

☝Through my 20 years in immigration law I have seen a lot of people make these mistakes and I would like to go over to make sure your green card application goes through and you get that Green Card, whether it’s through Green Card Marriage, Asylum, VAWA or Work Petitions.

🔷1. SOCIAL MEDIA FAILS. Stupid Social Media posts that show a different picture than the case suggests – proves fake marriage or fake asylum claims and so on. For example, if you are married and posting pictures with other females or other dudes kissing and hugging and sitting on top of them, USCIS will deny your marriage case with the US Citizen person whose pictures are NOT on your social media.

🔷2. HIDING ARRESTS. Hiding your arrests and criminal convictions. Any time your fingerprints were taken by law enforcement, you must show a document of how that was resolved at your Green Card interview. Court dispositions, letter from district attorney that they declined to prosecute, etc.

🔷3. NO PROPER DIVORCE FROM PRIOR MARRIAGE. Your prior marriage never ended – you do not have a valid divorce, so your current green card marriage is legally invalid. It’s not legally recognized.

🔷4. Failing to include proper translations, proper income tax returns, the right documents you need to include.

🔷5. NOT ENOUGH $$ FOR AFFIDAVIT OF SUPPORT. Your Petitioner and even the Joint Sponsor do not make enough money for the proper Affidavit of Support income guidelines.

🔷6. ENTRY INTO US WITH THE WRONG VISA. Your visa type which you entered US with does not legally entitle you to Green Card status and Adjustment of Status. You may have come as a C1 or D1 crewman visa holder or crossed the border without inspection.

📋Now, more than ever, it is important to file anything with USCIS with the help of a knowledgeable experienced immigration attorney. We are here for you!

We know the system inside and out and we post daily content about the latest changes and trends in US Immigration law, whether it’s for Green Cards, VAWA, Naturalization, Asylum or DACA. 

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