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Tech Layoffs Leave Foreign H-1B Visa Workers Scrambling for New Jobs

Tech workers participating in the H1-B visa program find themselves navigating uncharted waters as waves of layoffs ripple through the sector, leaving them in search of new opportunities.

The recent wave of tech layoffs has forced foreign workers into a desperate scramble to secure new employment. Otherwise, they must leave the United States. Workers with H-1B visa risk losing their legal status to work in the U.S. if they do not find a new job within 60 days of a layoff.

“Being on H-1B I am always in fear of what will happen in future,” Oza said in a Fortune article.

Large tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft, and Meta have all implemented significant job cuts in recent months. This was a cost-saving measure. In the first few weeks of 2023 alone, at least 174 tech companies have cut close to 60,000 jobs. Foreign workers participate in the tech H1-B visa program. This program initially grants them three years of employment with an option for an extension. They are among those affected.

Tech companies are not only laying off workers in unprecedented numbers but also implementing hiring freezes. This situation makes it even more challenging for immigrant workers to find alternative employment.

Furthermore, the H-1B visa process is complex and time-consuming. It can reduces the amount of time H-1B visa holders have to find a new job after experiencing a layoff. The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services also takes time to process any new visa requests.

As a result, many H-1B visa holders are opting to apply for a green card. This would give them more certainty about their future and remove their dependency on their job to retain U.S. residency. However, a layoff can interrupt this process, which may take up to a year.

Google, like many other tech companies, has offered support to its laid-off workers. The company is helping with immigration problems and job search. However, workers with H-1B visas continue to face a dire situation. They must navigate a challenging job market while also striving to secure their legal status in the U.S.

The job market is becoming increasingly competitive for foreign workers on H-1B visas. It’s important to have the guidance and representation of a reputable immigration law firm. At Shepelsky Law, we understand the unique challenges and stress that come with finding new employment on a tight deadline. This holds especially true in the current economic climate.

In the ever-evolving realm of the tech industry, tech workers participating in the H1-B visa program face a daunting challenge. Layoffs sweep through the sector, compelling them to seek fresh career prospects

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