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Successful case, or how love crosses continents

👩 This young lady is one of my favorite clients. She is from Cambodia 🇰🇭 and lives in the Bronx. 📁We helped her reunite with her parents after their petitions were first denied. We appealed and won and they came to US with green cards!

Then, we helped her bring to NY her fiancé from France and got him a K-1 Fiancé Visa. He was her childhood sweetheart, but because of the poverty in Cambodia, he moved to France for a better life. 🏡Years later, they started talking again and met up and got engaged! Love ❤️ across continents and overcame all kinds of barriers. He now has a green card too! 🗽

Then, they got married and had two adorable boys. 👶👶 And now, they are looking for a house which we will help them with purchasing.

This is a photo of 3 generations of lovely, hardworking, successful immigrants. These people don’t ask for any government aid – they work their tails off, pay taxes, buy houses and create businesses, and they are happy to have the opportunities that America gives them.

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