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Step by step instruction: what to do if your asylum case is pending for 5 years

This plan of action was successfully created for Tajik man (citizen of Russia) awaiting asylum in South Carolina since Jan. 2018

Expediting Asylum Case to be scheduled for interview.

Method 1 – Expedite asylum interview scheduling for MEDICAL REASONS. Get psychologist doctor letter or medical doctor letter that waiting is bad for your health, that the wait is causing you health problems. Legal Fee is $1,500.

Method 2 – STAND-BY LIST. Write letter to USCIS Asylum office in Charleston, SC and ask TO BE PLACED ON STAND-BY LIST WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER, and they can call you in at the last minute when another asylum applicant cancels or reschedules and they have an opening in their schedule.


🔹Step 1. Write letter to Asylum Office – request expedite due to worsening situation in Russia (war, your support for Ukraine, etc.). Also, make e-inquiry here and they will respond within 30 days. Save their letter of response.

🔹Step 2. Contact your Congressman Time Rice (Republican) and have them make a request to expedite on your behalf. Contact info here – please contact him yourself as they do not agree to work with lawyers, you have to contact directly.

🔹Step 3. File with Federal Court a Petition for Mandamus (to force an administrative agency to do their job and schedule you). Need to show all your work from steps 1 and 2 above here – writing letter, making USCIS E-Inquiry, and Congressman letters.

Asylum case itself

◾ Participate in demonstrations in support in Ukraine (photos with posters in support of Ukraine; condemning Russia). Write a blog if possible. Blog about opposing the war by Russia against innocent people in Ukraine. Post on Social Media in Russian and English.

◾ Donate to Ukrainian support organizations (and have document proof)

◾ Collect witness letters from friends, parents, family members in RUSSIA to say that Tajiks are continued to be mistreated, they are the first to be sent to fight in Ukraine as punishment/discrimination to their certain death.

◾ Go to psychologist and talk about your trauma psychologically. I can recommend a doctor here in NJ if you need which you can work with on the phone/remotely and she writes beautiful reports for USCIS cases.

◾ Any medical letters from Russia from 2016-2017 about injuries you had as a result of being physically attacked for being Tajik.

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