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Shepelsky Law Group News: 12.5.22: Kanye West Antisemitism on Instagram, Twitter on Censorship and Free Speech

December 2 was a historic day. It was a day when a major American celebrity and billionaire Kanye West  came out with Nazi swastikas and said on a TV show that he loves a lot of things about Hitler, and was suspended permanently from Twitter for inciting violence.

Kanye West caused a major stir on December 2 but not in the way he intended. The rapper, singer, and producer was interviewed on TMZ Live and when asked about his favorite things about Hitler, he responded that there are “a lot of things” he likes about him. The problem is that even if we give Kanye the benefit of the doubt and say that he was just speaking abstractly, we have to acknowledge that his comment are dangerous and violent. Kanye’s comments, which are a form of casual appropriation, are one example of how antisemitic commentary minimizes those who suffered under fascism and racism in order to perpetuate an inhumane ideology. These actions are dangerous because they give legitimacy to an ideology that has caused pain and suffering.

Then Elon Musk disclosed that in 2020, days before the election, Twitter censored a major story that would’ve made a lot of people not vote for Biden, the Hunter Biden laptop story. 

Twitter is a social media platform where people post what they are doing. It has been a popular place for celebrities to communicate with their fans. Twitter has censored speech in the past and in the present. Recently, Twitter censored Kanye West’s tweets that were critical of President Trump. They also censored Elon Musk’s tweets about his company Tesla and its stock price.

In the past, Twitter has censored people based on their political views or because they violated rules on hate speech or harassment. They have also deleted tweets that contained copyrighted material or trademarked images without permission from the owner of those materials.

Elon Musk is no stranger to being censored on social media and has been working hard to mitigate this issue on Twitter’s platform. Censoring is the act of making something less, or not at all, available for public viewing. This can be done through editing text, deleting content, or suppressing it from being seen. In the last decade, the definition of what constitutes censorship has expanded to include new forms such as online harassment, doctored evidence from information hacks, and the withholding of accurate or complete information.

The public learned that in 2019-2020 Twitter was constantly heeding requests to censor stories, from both Left and Right (Democrats and Republicans) and filtering out free speech in violation of the First Amendment, but since most of the staff members a Twitter were leftist, the Left always prevailed.

Many people are calling Twitter out this morning for 2020 Election interference. 

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is under fire for allegedly interfering in the 2020 election by deleting tweets from President Trump’s Twitter account. In response to the accusations, Dorsey tweeted that his company was “just trying to stay neutral and promote conversation without bias.”