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💵Senate Democrats’ $3.5 trillion budget resolution includes $105 billion allocated specifically to creating a pathway to citizenship for unauthorized immigrants, many of whom have lived in the United States for decades.

Basically, the government got $105 Billion dollars to set up a new AMNESTY for the following categories of undocumented immigrants:

1️⃣DACA kids,

2️⃣farmworkers, and

3️⃣essential workers (medical, anyone working in Covid-related industries)

The reason we think these three categories will be first priority for legalization is based on prior Senate votes where they were put on top of the list of the kinds of immigrants our government is most interested in legalizing.

The next steps are going to be tough to actually pass this into a real law, as the new resolution must not only pass the House of Representatives, but then the actual implementing language for this provision and all the other elements of the bill will have to be drafted by the whole congress, fought over and voted upon by Congress. 

☝In other words, this is just a proposal and there are no guaranties yet that the Amnesty will pass nor what form it will take when/if it passes and becomes a real law.

The reason Immigration Amnesty proposal even made it into a Budge Reconciliation bill (a financial legal proposal) is because undocumented immigrants who become legal will be come legitimate tax payers and can add taxes to our economy from their now-legal income.

📄Legalization has been shown many times to add to the government coffers, as the change from unauthorized to legal status (with a Social Security number, work authorization, ID and Driver’s License) leads to higher earning power and greater investment, leading to increased tax revenue, job creation and community revitalization. 

Immigrants who become legalized will get official ID and Driver’s licenses, which in many states they are currently ineligible for without USCIS Work Authorization.

✅Legalized people will get better jobs, pay taxes, get off Medicaid or any other subsidies from the taxpayers, have the chance to go to school and get a real education to become professionals, narrow the wages gap between women and men, and improve their family lives and the lives of their kids. 

✅Legalized immigrants will have better mental health because they will no longer have anxiety and fear of looking over their shoulder dreading getting arrested or raided by ICE and being put in immigration jails or deported.

✅Legalized immigrants will now have access to benefits available to them in communities, states and the federal government.

✅Legalized immigrants will no longer be silent victims or witnesses of crimes and be afraid to report crimes done upon them because of fear of getting deported if they make “noise.” 

✅Legalized immigrants who pay taxes and leave good moral lives will soon become US citizens and vote. Their votes can become heard. They will no longer be silent and invisible.

✅Legalizing people who have been living in US for decades is the fair and just thing to do as they truly paid their penance for being here without permission by suffering in silence with out any rights that US permanent residents and citizens enjoy.

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