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Peter Mutabazi, the Immigrant Foster Dad Who Became a US Citizen

The story of Peter Mutabazi, the immigrant foster dad who became a US citizen – and founded “Now I Am Known”, is an inspiring portrait of what can happen when we give people a chance.

Peter, his four kids, and their two shaggy dogs!

This is the story of a man who wanted to have a family. Life doesn’t always work out the way you planned, but there are happier endings than most people realize.

Mr. Mutabazi is from Uganda, Africa. As a single dad, Peter fostered Tony first (with curly hair), and then he adopted him. Tony began calling him Dad immediately. 

During the early pandemic, Peter fostered a 7-yr old frail boy, and 2 other young siblings since then. He is now a single dad of 4 kids, who fostered and then adopted them. Peter is the father of two teen boys and a younger boy and girl.

All these kids were badly affected by trauma and neglect.

The family lives in North Carolina. Peter flips houses and works 3 jobs to support his children. They all may look different, but they are the kind of tight-knit family many aspire to be. They are a church family, and Peter teaches the kids about his Ugandan culture through food and stories. 

Peter is also a child and youth advocate and founded a nonprofit organization called “Now I Am Known.

3 years ago, Peter became a U.S. Citizen. 

This man represents the best of our country, the best of humanity. 

As an immigration attorney and an immigrant myself, it warms my heart and soul that people like Peter can come here from their home countries and make their new home country better. Children abandoned by “native US-born citizens” found a home with this humble immigrant. He did not even know what kind of people and circumstances his kids would bring into his life to make it shine. He discovered talents he didn’t know he had until they needed him. 

Read his story and follow Peter on social media – he is Peter Mutabazi Foster Dad on FB, and @fosterdadflipper on IG.

The United States of America was built by immigrants. Our nation’s diversity is one of our greatest strengths, and it’s something I want my children to grow up understanding.

Immigrants make this country the kind of place I want to raise my children in. Kindness and love are our core values as Americans, and that starts with welcoming immigrants with open arms.

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