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New budget includes plan for pathway to citizenship, green cards and amnesty

The senate recently passed a big pathway to citizenship resolution as part of the tax budget plan that they’re planning for government spending in the years to come. The Democrats stood President Biden and passed a plan for the pathway to US citizenship for the 11 million (that we know of) illegal immigrants in the United States.

What happened is that both sides of the political spectrum (the Democrats and the Republicans) have been discussing a budget bill.

This country has been going through a lot, between the pandemic, unemployment, and the federal payouts. They had to create a new budget bill to go forward. The government decided to on a 3.5 trillion budget resolution designed to bring a lot of Biden’s promises into real life. A lot of things that Biden promised when he was getting elected are happening and people are really happy to hear that

The Senate allocated $105 billion to create a pathway to citizenship. This is going to be money from the government to create ways to legalize people and do an amnesty. Of course, we don’t know exactly what they’re going to do. They want to give people money to create a real plan of action, for how to legalize 11 million people. Of those people, 47% are women. Of course, women are always in the worst position than men. So they have to legalize all of these men and women and give them a chance at legal status, a green card, and citizenship.

Prior to the votes in the house, on the legal status for DACA, farm workers and other essential workers, they’ve decided that this is a good idea to put all of them into this pathway.

What are the types of immigrants who benefit from the infrastructure bill?

DACA Path to Citizenship 2021: The first priority goes to DACA people, the dreamers. Dreamers are kids who are brought to the United States as children, maybe now they’re adults, but they were brought here illegally as children prior to 2009, they live here, they went to school here, some of them don’t even have an accent. DACA is number one on the list to get green cards. This is an amnesty. That’s going to put DACA first to get green cards.

Pathway to Citizenship for farm worker: The government wants to stimulate agriculture. Therefore, farm workers will be second on the list to get green cards through the new amnesty.

Citizenship for essential workers: A very general, inclusive group is defined as essential workers. We definitely know it includes doctors, nurses, but other than doctors or nurses, it could be people who drive trucks that deliver medical supplies. It could be so many other categories of people. I

There’s going to be a roadmap for DACA, farm workers, and other essential workers to give out green cards. First, they will be first in line to get green cards, and then later citizenship, that’s part of this bill and it’s part of this reconsider tax plan resolution.

Why is this infrastructure bill so important? This bill supports the legalization of people who used to be illegal. As these people become full American citizens, it adds money (through taxes) to our economy. People are so happy.

Our immigrant clients actually want to pay taxes. They want to work here, legally, get a social security number, pay taxes, and overall contribute to their community. They’re looking to get a driver’s license, an ID. They want to work here, go to school, and contribute money/labor/knowledge to our economy right here in the United States.

If we give them a chance, it’s going to help with the tax situation. This tax bill is going to help with that through a pathway to citizenship. That’s how they were able to get it in.

There are about 2.5 million undocumented immigration or immigrant women working in the United States today. Some things that are going to come to the women through legalization are: a chance to improve their own lives and families, a chance to fiscally support their kids and sometimes their spouse. 

As women are prioritized in the naturalization process, this will lead to closing the wage gap. If a woman becomes legalized, it’s going to be easier for her to get up there and get paid the same as a man. This will lead to more jobs for women. Instead of working as nannies or housekeepers, women can start working in the office, or driving trucks. Why not? It’s going to help women with income, if they have more jobs available to them.

Now that they’re legal, they have a social, they can pay taxes, and they can get a legal job, get paid on the books, make more money. This allows women access to pay for medical insurance, instead of getting free medical insurance, like Medicaid. A job may also offer medical insurance. The legalization of women will get them off of Medicaid, off the taxpayers shoulders. That’s a great thing.

Women who don’t work right now will be able to go to school, get an education, get a higher paying job, be more productive in society and ultimately pay more taxes. So legalization makes sense financially, tax wise. Legalizing people who want to work legally make sense. Finally, legalization is going to fix a lot of these problems that immigrants are experiencing. You have to understand that undocumented immigrants make a huge portion of the essential worker industries.

I hate the stereotype. But look, nurses, a lot of nurses are Mexican, Filipino, Ukrainian, Russian; they’re from other countries. If you’re a nurse and you are an essential worker, chances are, you are a foreign born nurse. A huge portion of physicians in the United States today are born outside of the US.

If you can offer an amnesty for essential workers, people who are doctors, nurses, medical technicians, anything like that, a lot of immigrants will get a job and will be able to contribute to the medical care we need now more than ever because of COVID. And finally, a path to citizenship would reduce anxiety, depression, uncertainty, mental problems that I see my clients, immigrants dealing with every day of their life, living under the threat of deportation — walking around, being afraid of arresting them, putting them in immigration, jail, deporting them. Women who are immigrants, seeing their husbands and children sometimes deported. Men, seeing their wives and kids deported. Having members of your family deported makes you insane, makes you anxious, depressed, mentally ill. So this pathway to citizenship would improve so many things. It would get people off Medicaid, off food stamps working legally, paying taxes, working and paying their way. If they only get the green card and then citizenship.

We don’t want to cost the taxpayers any more money.

There are so many things that are coming and will be part of this amnesty. We don’t yet know all of it, but we know that they gave money to fix this problem. The problem will be fixed. I hope that this passes very soon, and I look forward to getting real guidance and instructions, how I can start helping people with this new pathway to citizenship.

I’ll keep you guys updated and informed about everything. We work with clients all over the United States and all the 50 states. I hope you choose us! I hope you give us a call with any immigration problems.