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My open letter to President Biden to you requesting real help with Ukrainian refugees


This is my open letter to you requesting real help with Ukrainian refugees right now.

As a US Immigration Attorney and an attorney admitted in NY, NJ and U.S. Supreme Court, I am asking you to immediately undertake the below legal actions to allow people from Ukraine to come as refugees to United States if you really mean what you said on CNN yesterday when you declared that the White House supports accepting Ukrainian refugees:

📍 1. Declare Temporary Protected Status (“TPS”) for Ukrainian refugees.

📍 2. Declare automatic Humanitarian Parole for anyone applying to bring their Ukrainian loved ones to USA.

📍 3. Declare automatic Humanitarian Parole for those from Ukraine at the US Border with Mexico and Canada.

📍 4. Announce which US Consulates in Europe will be taking over Ukrainian Immigrant Visa and Nonimmigrant Visa cases and what to do with the pending cases we already have in the NVC and Dept. of State systems.

📍 5. Create a special expediting system for Ukrainian visa beneficiaries.

I speak for all my immigration attorneys brethren and all immigration organizations across United States in asking for the above measures to be implemented quickly and efficiently.

Ukraine matters! Ukrainian people matter. I, myself, was born in Kiev, Ukraine and grew up there until I was lucky enough to be brought to USA by my parents in 1989. Our firm has remote team members in Ukraine hiding in bomb shelters right now as I write this post.

Thank you for your work and service to our country in these challenging times!Sincerely,Marina

Shepelsky, Esq.Immigrant Rights Advocate
CEO and Managing Partner of Law Offices of Marina Shepelsky, P.C.
2415 Avenue UBrooklyn, NY 11229
Tel: (718)769-6352