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Marina Shepelsky discusses Ukraine – Russia conflict on News12 NY

Attorney calls on President Biden to offer more help to fleeing Ukranians

(copied from News12 website)

As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, hundreds of thousands of refugees are fleeing the nation to nearby countries. 

Attorney Marina Shepelsky says her inbox is flooded with requests for help from thousands of Ukrainians asking how they can get their loved ones to the United States. Originally from Ukraine, Shepelsky says she is closely watching and estimates that there will be an enormous wave of immigration as the conflict continues. 

“UN estimates that about one million people left Ukraine already and more are coming obviously,” said Shepelsky. She says she sent a letter to President Biden asking him to help Ukrainians on the immigration level. The first step would be to grant temporary protected status for Ukrainian refugees, then to declare humanitarian parole for those who want to bring their loved ones here – or for Ukrainians at the Canadian and Mexican borders. Next, she’s asking to provide guidance on how U.S. consulates in European countries are handling visas. And finally, to expedite a system for Ukrainian visa beneficiaries.”The White House said officially that they will accept refugees from Ukraine. But how do people get here? They’re from a different continent right there are oceans between us but if they get here, they should get humanitarian parole,” said Shepelsky. 

“If you are a Ukrainian student right now in the U.S. you can ask for emergency humanitarian work authorization. That will help you financially,” said Shepelsky. The powerhouse attorney with over 20 years of experience says she is still struggling to process the amount of human suffering she’s witnessing.