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Immigration news: updates and delays with forms, building of the Wall, ID Cards and others

1️⃣ ID Cards for Undocumented Immigrants

The Biden Administration has created a new program to identify undocumented immigrants in the United States. This latest project will provide IDs for undocumented immigrants. They’ll be given to asylum seekers from abroad who need ID cards because they don’t have any. This new program will allow them to have the legal right to identify themselves and navigate the details of their immigration cases. In the long-term, this program will help the immigration process run more smoothly and make contact easier between undocumented immigrants, immigration authorities, and local government.

💰$10 million has been allotted for this program in the Department of Homeland Security. This will be formatted onto a card with basic information and a QR code that can link to any court records.

This information will also make undocumented immigrants’ lives a lot easier. The cards could allow for better accessibility to housing, healthcare, and state benefit programs. In addition, they could travel by plane easier as well without any risk.

☝The identity cards will not be official ID but are a way for Immigration officials to verify their identity and status. It can also help illegal immigrants stay in touch with ICE without having to go in person.

​2️⃣ ​Form I-589 Updates and Delays

The government is currently experiencing processing delays with form I-589 applications. Updated information can be found on the website. Form I-589 is used to apply for asylum in the United States and also works to apply for a withholding of removal (AKA “withholding of deportation”). Form I-589 also supports protection under the Convention Against Torture.

Received insurance has delayed, however, this will not affect filing if it was submitted properly and on time.

📝You must file an application within the first year of your most recent arrival in America. USCIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services) we’ll determine the receipt of your filled out/submitted Form I-589 this way, but it won’t be based on the date that it was processed.

Most importantly, fill out the form with full accuracy and ahead of the deadline. If the form is not completed in a timely manner ahead of the first years expiration, your application for asylum will take longer and rejection is highly likely.

​3️⃣​ Parolees Can File Form I-765 Online

Certain parolees can fill out the form I-765 online.

Form I-765 is the Application for Employment Authorization, which requests employment authorization and provides an Employment Authorization Document (EAD).

🇺🇸Undocumented immigrants in the United States who have emigrated from their countries for humanitarian or public benefit reasons can apply for employment authorization online by submitting this form. Once USCIS approves this request, recipients can work in America. Processing time is estimated at five to seven months.

The following update will make it easier for parolees to have their work eligibility confirmed. The process will become simpler which will allow employees and immigration officials alike to keep things running smoothly. Processing times will also be condensed, and the application procedure overall will be easier. To file this form virtually, please create an USCIS account first before filing for a particular employee authorization category. We do not guarantee that the application will be successful if USCIS does not approve of the specific employee authorization category you select.

​4️⃣​ Update to the Immigration Registry Bill Passed in July of 2022

The immigration registry bill may soon be updated, according to a recent proposal. The proposed bill would permit undocumented immigrants, who have been in the United States for at least seven months, to gain or adjust their legal status. If this bill is approved and enacted, it would change the “Registry” provision of the Immigration and Nationality Act by allowing undocumented residents to apply for a green card. To qualify for this proposal, applicants must have arrived in the US before the registry date and must also have lived here since their arrival date. They must also pass background checks which include criminal and security checks before they can qualify for a green card.

Since 1929’s registry provision, fewer undocumented immigrants have become LPRs. The bill was proposed on July 20th and can help future undocumented immigrants in the United States qualify for the program. This bill would make it possible for undocumented immigrants to get a green card. In the years to come, there is a good chance that this bill will pass–giving people a better path to citizenship for those undocumented immigrants who have been living in the US for years.

​​5️⃣​ Biden Has Resumed the Building of the Wall on The U.S.-Mexican Border 

As part of the Biden Administration’s order to close gaps in the border wall. A White House spokesperson said that the Yuma Morelos Dam Project will close these gaps to prohibit migrants from drowning. To prevent injuries and falls in this section of the river, flooding will be prevented from the closure of these small gaps near Yuma, Arizona, as claims the DHS. 

Former Vice President Joe Biden has said that repairing the border wall is a priority for the new president. This is to fix gaps that were created by previous administrations, not to stop immigration but to provide safety while they’re crossing it. Customs & Border Protection sent out a message saying they are taking necessary measures to mitigate life-threatening risks for migrants trying to cross into the country. 

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