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Immigrants – integral part of the United States

Dominating the list of powerful nations, the United States is the most powerful nation in the world. With a broader spectrum of development across all the different attributes of the economy and military power, it is the favorite place for immigrants for obvious reasons.

Nearly 44.9 million immigrants comprise 14% of the population of the US, which is the largest percentage in the world. It is interesting to say that one in seven US citizens is an immigrant. With such a huge number of immigrants, the country has attained new colors of different cultures and benefited from the immigrants’ new ideologies.

Immigrants have become an integral part of the US and contribute a significant portion to the US economy. They have built the nation into a place of thriving communities having backgrounds from various corners of the world.

Everything about the United States makes it the best place for immigrants, and an unbiased spin to choose the best country to immigrate would point to the US.


Among the large population of immigrants in the US, approximately only 75% are verified on papers, while the remaining quarter belongs to the category of unlawful immigrants.

Another essential thing to know is that the overall probability of winning an immigration case in the US is low in specific regions and takes a lot of time and support from expert immigration attorneys.

To get a glimpse of the harsh life of immigrants who seek asylum at the border, you need to visit the immigration jail as that’s where they’re kept in an exploitative manner.


Defending the rights of people in over 100 countries, the Human Rights Watch is an independent organization dedicated to protecting humans from abuse.

The organization carried out an extensive investigation on the immigrants to determine what happens with ICE at the US border with people who asked for asylum and how they are treated. The findings are shocking and disturbing.

Many of the immigrants detained at the borders are children, women, and people who speak no English.  Voices are being raised by many immigration advocates and immigration attorneys against the abuse done by ICE and the federal agents on immigrants.

People show less concern towards it even though it is in the news all the time. The topic of immigration is not a simple thing, but sadly,  immigrants and immigration problems are something that most of America is not interested in.

Immigrants are dying, suffering, and living a miserable life on the borders in places better be termed immigration jails.


The report of the Human Rights Watch wraps in shocking instances of criminal abuse. It found that Federal agents commit crimes against these people, including sexual and physical abuse, forced hunger, and brutal detention conditions. Despite the alarming state of COVID, there was no social distancing.

A stash of documents included in the report informs that the human rights group investigated for six years. They’ve been in courts and reported the finding of more than 160 cases of misconduct, criminal abuse of asylum seekers by customs and border protection. 

For people who think that living in America is quite comfortable, they must know what happens with immigrants who try to enter the borders of the United States with no visa.

Most of the time, people in immigration jails are mistakenly called criminals, but that’s not the truth with all the people who are stuck over there. They are instead victims of the criminal acts that ICE agents and other workers are doing.

It is essential for every responsible human to be a part of the initiative taken by the best and well-known law firms like our team at Shepelsky Law Group to bring justice to the helpless people stuck on the borders.


A recent update in bringing Amnesty and Reform for Legalizing DACA kids have surfaced on various media channels. According to reliable media sources, Democrats in the US Congress are pushing for an actual plan – to have an amnesty and reform, legalize the DACA kids and essential workers, and give them green cards who otherwise weren’t eligible before.

These people have been here for so many years and have helped our economy. They work in essential-worker positions, and their kids were brought here as children as they had no control over their parents who brought them here.

For such kids, the Government plans to move an amnesty and bring in some new reforms to favor them in getting the green card.

The present situation involves a series of intense discussions between the top leaders of the Democrats, who are putting immense efforts to get it through the tunnel this time.


Donald Trump, during his presidency, created a policy for refugees who are asking for asylum at the border. The police asked them to register, go back, and wait in Mexico. It was called the wait in Mexico policy.

When Biden won the elections and got elected as the new President of the United States, getting rid of the Mexico Policy was on his priority list.


From the time of election campaigns, it was clear that Biden winning would mean more friendly treatment to refugees. It was recognized by people worldwide that led to the borders of the United States stormed by the people having keen desires to move to the US.

The Department of Homeland security, which is now led by a new director, Alexander Mayorca, a son of immigrants and Cuban immigrants, officially declared earlier that they’re getting rid of this wait-in-Mexico program.  The flood of immigrants surrounding the US borders has made the Department urge the bringing back of the same policy, looking at the current situations that ICE and border control cannot handle all these people coming in.

Another main reason that made the Department feel the need to bring the policy again is Covid19. Lack of space has created a chaotic environment at the immigrant jails on the borders. To control the spread of the Covid19 requires enough space to isolate people and vaccinate them.

The authorities are now seeking a response from the Mexican Government on whether it is ready to accommodate people asking for asylum until the time not allowed verified by the US Immigration Authorities. It is because most of the immigrants are crossing the borders through Mexico.


Russia has been declared a homeless nationality officially by the US government. It came out as a response to what Russia did this summer. Russia declared the American embassy to be illegal in employing non-Russian employees.

Russia asked the US to eliminate all its American workers because of some new law that applied to the US consulates and embassies in Russia. Following it, the American Consulate stopped its functioning for the Russian citizens.

The tussle between the two nations left the people stranded in the middle who were waiting here for two years and got everything done from approval to the processing of the application. Only the interview part was left, but because the Russian Consulate put a halt to its operations, every one of them is left with no option to navigate out of this unfortunate situation.

There’s no firm take on what will happen with the cases that would usually be interviewed in Moscow in the US embassy there.

The Government brought in a new amendment in the immigration and nationality act by putting Russia in homeless nationality countries. Russia joins the list of countries that are terrible, like Cuba, Iran, Libya, Somalia, and Venezuela. The United States designates these countries as unsafe and unstable to the point where the United States cannot have any diplomacy.

The cases supposed to be processed by consular workers in Russia are now rerouted to  Warsaw in Poland.


  • Immediate Visa Category

People who live here often are immigrants themselves who are either green card holders or US citizens. US citizens who file applications to bring their family to the US need to file a Family Petition that circumferences a category of Immediate Visa.

The applicant doesn’t have to wait to get the visa in the Immediate Visa category and involves no line and no quota. When you file a family petition in the Immediate Visa category, you only need to wait until your application gets processed.

A US citizen can apply for an Immediate Relative Category Visa for the following beneficiaries –

  • for parents
  • for children under 21
  • for husbands and wives (spouses).

A US citizen filing for their mother, for example, can only file for their mother and can only file for their father. They need to have separate petitions. Unlike other categories discussed in the latter part of this blog, your mom cannot include and bring your brother or sister with her, like your younger or older siblings. They have to either file for them once they get the green card or file a family petition for your sibling; that’s a separate petition. That’s the one catch to being in the immediate visa category.

The Immediate Visa category doesn’t include any other family member.  Understand it in simple language for the case where you’re applying for your father. The father is divorced or widowed from the mom; they’re remarried. So you can file for the father but cannot include stepmother in the petition. The only exception is if your father married the stepmom when you were still under 18. If they get married when you were an adult, they have to come here and file for the stepmom in a separate petition.

  • Non Immediate Visa Category

Non Immediate Visa categories have wait times. Applicants have to wait for visas to become available to them based on the date the petition was filed and received by USCIS, and that’s called a priority date.

The beneficiaries include the following –

  • Children over 21
  • Married children (even if they’re under 21)
  • Single children over 21 years old
  • Brothers and sisters of US citizens

The beneficiary in this category can indeed bring their spouse and their kids with them when they come to America, and they will all get green cards in one interview.

Green Card Holders

If you have a green card, you can file for some of your family to come to the United States and join you. Green card holders filing for spouses and children under 21 have no wait; the visas are available immediately.

Green card holders who file for husband, wife, or kids under 21 bring their family here with them in one year and a half to two years. And they’re not the quickest to process either, especially now because of COVID.

Green card holders can file for their kids who are single over 21. If the kids are married, green card holders cannot file for them. If your kid gets married and you are just a green card holder, there’s no more green card category for them. You need to be a US citizen to apply for them.

The wait for kids of US citizens over 21 and the wait for brothers and sisters of US citizens is enormous. It takes fifteen years to join a brother or sister in America. And also, Married children of US citizens take about nine to 10 years now.

Relations you can’t file for –

  • Grandparents
  • Cousins
  • Aunts and uncles

Also, whether you get a green card or not depends on your relationship with the family member who is there in the United States.


The pandemic can be the number 1 reason as it doesn’t allow to schedule many people at one time. Even the authority workers working from home are resulting in a significant loss of efficiency in processing the files.

And the second reason that has to do with cases being processed right now in the United States, a lot of people had to be let go from USCIS because they’re not vaccinated yet. And right now, because of president Biden, who ordered that everybody who works for the Government has to have a vaccine to go to work, to be in the office, not everybody got a vaccine.

People who worked for USCIS who didn’t get vaccinated either got fired or laid off, slowing things down even more.

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