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How Location Defines Your Chances Of Winning A Case In The Immigration Court

Learn the first thing to consider before filing an immigration case from the Best Immigration Attorneys in the U.S. at Shepelsky Law Group.

Immigration Cases

When most people want to move to the U.S., only a few know the ways that have a high probability of getting their immigration verified by the designated authorities. People who wish to settle down in the U.S. need to apply with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). Such applications are often termed as immigration cases in the legal language.

Applying for Immigration

Applying for immigration is itself a crucial step. Before rushing into applying, it becomes crucial to understand how the location affects your winning an immigration case.

The chances of finding an immigration attorney in places like Roma-Los Saenz or Huntsville, Texas, or Coral Springs-Margate, Florida, or even in Atlanta-Decatur, Georgia are very low.

People who submit their immigration applications from these places are pretty unfortunate. The main reason behind the issue is that immigrants are treated badly with distrust in the South.

The above statement is based on the figures that only 6% of immigration cases get approval from the stated regions. This information comes from the tables of experts and is then well supported by our experience as we deal with many immigration cases every day.

Understand the fact with an example

Recently, we got a client from Ukraine who lives in South Carolina. She has an American-born daughter in a special needs education program. She has an excellent chance to win the Cancellation of Removal 42B for people who have lived undocumented in the U.S. for over ten years with U.S. Citizen kids with health or mental challenges (hardship).

But, she lives in a state where almost every immigration case is denied. Only less than 6% of cases (on average) are approved! The best judge there only approves 16%! The worst one approves less than 1% (denying 99% of everything).

That’s a very unsatisfying figure. Right?

Whereas judges in N.Y. approve between 50 to 95% of the cases, and honestly, it all depends on the judge.

Suggested Solution to the above problem

Taking care of all the immigration-related legal matters and providing the best legal service to the people, Shepelsky Law Group always works to knock down the barriers that might arise during the process of getting your immigration application verified by the Government regulatory.

It’s very well said that the solution to a problem lies in the problem. In context with the above case, we asked our client to move to New York, California or that region where the chances of getting the immigration application accepted by the court are up to 80%.

The numerous ways of gaining citizenship to the U.S. includes the following.

* Marriage to U.S. Citizens. It is the fastest way to immigrate, but you must go through a real loving marriage. USCIS will catch any fraudulent Green Card applications.

* Immigration through family reunification, but immigration through family reunification can take from nine months up to five years.

* Political Asylum in the USA. Call us if you think you might qualify!

* Immigration of extraordinary ability people. We can help you with this!

* Investment immigration.

The Trusted Immigration Attorneys – Shepelsky Law Group

Shepelsky Law Group provides the most remarkable support in getting the green tick on your application file. We can help you with all kinds of immigration cases, and our professional team of experienced attorneys will definitely navigate you to your desired location.

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